The zippers used in pet product bags are a type of packaging used for the protection and storage of pet food and other products. These zippers provide features such as preserving product freshness, maintaining their shapes, and being airtight.

MilZip® zippers extend the shelf life of pet products by preserving their flavors and nutritional values for an extended period.



Our zippers used in food packaging are made from materials such as plastic, polyethylene, or polypropylene, commonly used for storing, transporting, and selling food products. These packaging materials typically provide an air barrier to ensure the freshness of food products.



Flexible packaging with MilZip® zippers provides effective solutions for the convenient storage and transport of sports nutrition. These packages preserve the freshness and nutritional value of foods, enabling athletes to consume the nutrients they need in a timely and healthy manner. Products in resealable bags can be stored for an extended period after the required amount has been used.



Flexible packaging with MilZip® zippers is used in the agricultural sector, especially for packaging products such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, and animal feed. These packages ensure the protection of products and contribute to their long-lasting freshness.



Packaging with MilZip® zippers protects products from dust, moisture, wrinkles, and external factors. It also makes it easy to reseal bags containing multiple products for storage.