Following 30 years of accumulated experience in the packaging industry, we established Fleksipak Packaging Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. in 2011 to provide services in the flexible packaging sector in Istanbul. In line with sectoral needs and demands, in 2016, we transitioned to the production of Zipper (Plastic Zipper) and produced Polyethylene (LDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) Zippers under the MilZip® brand. Our products are compatible with LDPE-HDPE and CPP film laminated packaging, used in doypack bag production, and on automatic filling lines.

We serve as a sustainable solution partner, preserving the freshness and quality of the products in our customers' bags with functional and easy-to-apply locks.


 Our Policy

– Having a qualified workforce and implementing effective human resources management are among our focus areas.
– We offer solutions in workforce management processes, support corporate and individual development, and provide alternatives according to needs.
– We offer employment conditions tailored to the professional knowledge and skills of our employees and provide fair and equal development opportunities.
– We enable our employees to realize their full potential in our work environment and respect their personalities.
– Our goal is to be a preferred institution with expert employees in every field.
– We reward our successful employees and support their development.
– Additionally, we support our employees in leading a healthy life through financial and moral incentives, with the policies we implement within the organization.